About Me

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In a past life, I modeled. After moving here from New Mexico at age 12, I jumped into the California lifestyle and immediately pursued something that I knew I never would be able to out in the old NM. I was signed by several different agencies, and thought I was going to see the “big time”. But after a few years I learned the harsh realities of the sex-driven industry, and discovered the unimportance of being known solely for your outward appearance. A few bad experiences showed me the true colors of the life I was heading for, and the effect it was having on my person was uncomplimentary to say the least. The life was unfulfilling for me, I was unhappy, and I blew some pretty huge opportunities due to my lack of enthusiasm for standing in front of a camera.


I battled addiction(s), had some pretty bad experiences that I don’t care to ever think about again, and learned the most valuable lessons in my adult life.


I can now say that the direction my life is heading is one I can add fuel to; I absolutely love being a mother and wife, and learning about natural, holistic living, psychology (NLP, hypnosis, and the programming’s of society), and pondering the ever mysterious forces of the universe.


Some bad experiences with pharmaceuticals caused me to be hyper-vigilant about keeping them OUT of mine and my family’s lives. I spend hours, days, weeks, even months researching the topics that I write about, and I do so with a fiery passion for uncovering lies and deceit by the big industries that rule our country. Every stone that I turn over leads to three more, revealing poisons and lies under each of them.


It often angers me, and gives me anxiety, which is why I also have been in pursuit of peace, more (ever more) nature, psychological answers, and carving a path to complete healing; in a spiritual, mental, and physical sense. My passion for holistic answers to ailments, replacements for conventional applications, and plant-based medicine is fueled by the painful deceit I once felt by our very own western medical machine.


My family and friends are the driving force behind what I do; and I hope it comes to use for you as well.