Self-Care: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual


Self-care is something that I am passionate about, as it has gotten me through a lot of personal obstacles. Many take it for granted and underestimate the potential benefits that the right self-care routine can harbor. In ancient times and in some cultures today, self-care was a source of healing. Whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual health you seek, when you mindfully care for yourself you will surely find it.


Physical Self-Care

Don’t get this confused with a hygiene routine. I have written about hygiene products before, and as my readers I’m sure you’re aware that chemicals are bad. You get it. But that’s not totally what this is about.

Though physical self-care involves a certain aspect of hygiene (cleanliness is after all, next to godliness), the conventional hygiene routine does not work for this. Yes, you’re getting clean using conventional methods… But if you take a close look at the conventional self-care routine of the average American woman and analyze the ingredients, there is absolutely nothing beneficial for your health contained therein. The labels all advertise healing and improvement, but with thousands of chemicals filling every single one of them, that is the last thing you will see by using them.

These chemicals are harmful to your body on a cellular level, and with no (real) regulation on the amount or type of chemicals used in these products, you can bet your great aunt Sally that you’re harming your body by using them, especially in excess like we Americans do.

But alas! There is a beautiful, holistic hope. Every single one of those products can be replaced with natural products that aren’t just as effective, but are MORE effective than the conventional products.

The results of this transition are amazing, I have never seen my skin so healthy, and my hair and nails so long.
But the physical effect of this change is only part of it; the act of taking care of yourself everyday using products that are actually good for you is a mental and spiritual healing process. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, restlessness in your life, or addiction issues, the proactive movement of self-care is extremely beneficial.

During your self-care routine be mindful of your feelings and thoughts and keep them positive and focused. Your routine can be made into a form of meditation, which is healing all by itself. Simply set an intention for what is follow when the routine is over, and while going through the motions, keep that intention at the forefront of your mind. Keep your thoughts positive, and peaceful, looking toward the future.

Investing the time, and putting in the work not only will allow you to veer away from the negative problem you are experiencing, it will push you further in a positive direction mentally and spiritually. The ball will already be in motion to enter a positive future, because you will have invested your time and energy into it.

Some great hygienic healing tools are herbs, essential oils, salts, minerals, and flowers. Get creative, get crafty, and don’t be afraid to think outside the “conventional box”. Throw some damn flowers in that tub, and take a bath with your crystals. If you feel it helps you, it does. Plain and simple.

After a good hygienic self-care routine, I feel like I have turned the page on previous emotions. I am brand-new, and the issues that may have once been bothering me seem off in the distance. I am cleansed physically, mentally, and physically, ready to take on new challenges and opportunities without allowing the past to get in the way.

Mental Self-Care
Meditation. Nature. Art. Alone time. Sometimes we all need to focus on our mental well-being, and in this world we live in, you can be sure that no one is going to make that happen for you, but yourself. As a wife and mother, (two things that I LOVE being with all my heart), it is easy to forget about myself.
I spend 99% of my day considering how other people are feeling, what they are thinking, what they could need or want… At the end of the day, (most of the time) I am too exhausted to take a moment for myself. In fact, that “moment for myself” is usually the few seconds of bliss I feel as my head hits the pillow. A bath? Nah, too much work. Too tired. Read a book? Too tired, will fall asleep on it (it’s happened). Go for a walk? Yoga? Are you serious?
After a long time of putting all this stuff off, I start to feel utterly drained. My hygiene starts to suffer, my diet starts to suffer. I’m a mess! I don’t want my kid and husband suffering because I am not taking care of myself, which is ultimately what will happen if I don’t.
I have also discovered that when I am lacking in the mental self-care department, negative thoughts become more prevalent in my mind. And just like a snowball, negativity attracts more negativity, which is not a direction I am prepared to go in my own mind, in my relationship, and certainly not as a mother.
That is why mental self-care is so important.


Spiritual Self-Care
This one is probably the most important. My religious background is rocky and bumpy, and I have shifted belief systems multiple times due to particular events in my life. I don’t intend on writing about any religion, but spirituality is something that I can shed light on. Feeling connected to the “big picture”, the universe and all its energies, God, the creator… Is something that every human being feels drawn to.
Whether you find that connection in nature, at church, in a book, or during meditation or prayer, you must make time for it and seek it. The benefits are obvious, and I don’t think I need to explain why.

Physical, mental, and spiritual health are all connected to each other, and by putting time and energy into each of these, you and your family will be deeply impacted by the benefits that will surely follow.

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