iNLP Center Review – My Online Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I’m writing this iNLP Center review as a person who has had no experience with psychology in the past. So, my experience with iNLP Center has been nothing short of unexpected.

The knowledge I had of Neuro-Linguistic Programming prior to taking the course was very little, but right away I knew I would enjoy learning about the subject. Now that I have completed the training, I feel writing this review may be of benefit to people in a similar situation as mine.

iNLP Center Review – First Time Taking Online Training

When I enrolled at iNLP Center, I was also pretty new to online courses, though I had taken a few online classes before, I was admittedly a little nervous. I wasn’t sure if I’d get the attention from the instructor that I needed if I was having a problem understanding the material.

I was also nervous that I wouldn’t have the personal motivation or dedication to complete the course within my own home in my personal time, and I worried that it would end up being a waste of money. After all, money does not grow on trees and in this day and age, earning an honest living takes lots of work. My money could easily been spent elsewhere.

But I went through with the course, and I am so glad that I did. The way that the instructor taught and explained the material was extremely understandable, and I felt that I truly understood what I was being taught right off the bat. You can tell he enjoys what he does which makes the subject more fun to learn, and the learning material more interesting and easy to understand.

Right away, I found that I was excited to spend my time learning about NLP.

If there is one thing that the course made me realize about the society that we live in, it’s that we are utterly surrounded by programming.

From what kind of clothes are “acceptable” to wear, to makeup, to feeling like the only way you can get your house truly clean is using chemicals like bleach. The childhood songs we are all taught as children, believing that the only way to cure diseases is by popping a pill (a more extreme example, I know), cult-like religions, strict gender-roles, political propaganda… Programming is EVERYWHERE.

A lot of this is good programming, don’t get me wrong. As toddlers we need to be conditioned to what is right and wrong, and play out scenarios that adults are commonly in, such as a transaction at the grocery store. This is obviously a necessary part of being a functional member of society.

But some of us are being negatively programmed by the people around us, who may or may not be intentionally doing so, and a lot of these people are not only suffering without realizing there is a way to get rid of it, many of them feel unable to change their lives in a positive way because they’re minds are stuck in an old rut of a path.

To summarize my iNLP Center review, I’ll just say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that my worries had been shattered. I understood NLP, and spent my time pondering specific aspects, techniques, and ideas. Learning to apply it to real life, and introducing it to the people close to me was not only explained in class, but required in every chapter of the course. This helped me to walk away from the course after completing it with a sense of assurance and confidence that I can continue to apply it to my life and help others as well.

Thanks for reading my iNLP Center review. Hope it was informative!

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