Orthorexia Nervosa: Are We Insane for Pursuing Good Health?

As I do my weekly shopping at our local health food store, I often see people who I assume have the same or similar motives as I. Find foods that are healthy, keep the family healthy. But I often wonder how deep each individual has waded into the informational cesspool of our American food system.

Do they know that basically everything is filled with poison?

Are they feeling anxious and overwhelmed, as I often am, at the idea that at any given moment we could be flooding our children’s delicate little bodies with toxic chemicals?

Have they reached the point of giving up, and accepting their fate, as I sometimes do?

These questions may seem intense, and extremely negative, but still they are questions that pop up from time to time.

According to an article titled “Passion for eating healthy food declared a mental disorder by ‘expert’ psychiatrists” published by Natural News, “As reported by Waking Times, scientists at the University of Northern Colorado, who recently conducted a case study about the obsession with healthy eating, have concluded that such clean-food preoccupation could be a mental disorder. They’ve even given it a name (because you can’t have a disorder without a name, right?) – orthorexia nervosa, or ON for short, and researchers say the condition is made worse by a fear of being unhealthy and shunning low-quality, pesticide-ridden, GMO-laden, gluten-stuffed foods.”

Did you ready that properly??

It is now considered a MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER to be concerned for the health of yourself and your family. They are literally making those who want a change, feel INSANE for it.

Quite frankly, it’s making me FEEL insane with frustration, and I can’t be the only one.

For those who are unsure about all of this, or simply don’t want to do the research because the information is so overwhelming, I encourage you to press onward. Please, read up on the food you are eating. Find out where it is coming from. Ask the butcher where your meat comes from, and research ingredients if you don’t know what they are.

Though it is scary to find out the answers to all of this, don’t give up. Things will change if each individual continues to make the right choices, and sacrifices (giving up some things can definitely feel like a sacrifice, like refined sugar).

The industry boils down to the individual consumer, and each purchase is “a vote” in the direction you want our food and consumer product industry to go. Though it may not feel that you are making a difference in the big picture, in the small picture (which is your home and family), you are. More than anything, that’s what matters, right?


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