The Anxieties of Life: Which Gender is at the Greatest Risk for a Full-Blown Disorder?

We all feel a certain amount of stress or anxiety in our lives, though some most definitely experience it more than others. So who are the people in our society who a more prone to anxiety? Could you be one of them?

If you are a woman under thirty-five years of age, then the answer is yes.

According to an international study published in the journal Brain and Behavior, women, particularly women under thirty-five, are more likely than men to have an anxiety disorder. This is due to several different factors, ranging from the fact that we simply think about our problems over and over in our minds, to abuse and discrimination.
An article titled “Anxiety: The Group and Gender at the Greatest Risk” published by PsyBlog, ““Anxiety disorders can make life extremely difficult for some people and it is important for our health services to understand how common they are and which groups of people are at greatest risk.”

Unfortunately, many of these women turn to anxiety medication, which only hinders their ability to deal with the stresses of life in the long run. Though some of the more severe anxiety problems should probably be dealt with by a professional, taking a pill for anxiety should be the absolute LAST thing that you do.

Young women who have careers, families, homes to tend to, and other responsibilities to uphold, lead stressful lives at times. Anxiety is something that is going to be there, because that is the nature of the young woman’s life. Anxiety provides an extra thought for your child’s safety, and your family’s health.


If it becomes a persistent problem, try taking action against it

Instead of turning to pills to make these problems “go away”, perhaps learning to cope in a healthy manner should be encouraged. Whether it’s setting aside time for nature, (which is a proven anxiety and depression reducer),, reading a book while the kids take a nap, or simply painting your toenails, take some time to feel like you again.

Willfully and purposely don’t think about the important stuff, and focus on the here and now.

It may just be the difference you needed in your life in order to feel comfortable putting the prescriptions in the toilet, and leading a life that isn’t anchored to a Pharmacy.


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