The Importance of Saying Goodbye to Refined Sugar

The prevalence of refined sugar in the average American’s diet is the highest it’s ever been. A person will consume a couple hundred pounds of sugar (give or take) per year, and it’s increasing. I’ve even accidentally bought baby food products that contain sugar, which baffles me. Why would you put sugar in baby food?! Babies don’t need sugar!

Growing up, we were raised to be aware of the sugar content in the food we were eating. There was even a four to five month period when my dad enforced a strict “no sugar rule”, and the results were surprising.

The first month was really tough, and we kids did not make it easy. We craved sugary treats, and I remember feeling withdrawals! My dad pointed this out to us, calling sugar a drug and that we were acting like addicts.

Which was true, and we were! I am so grateful that he said those things, because at the time people were not thinking that way and it really stuck with me.

After a few months of being a sugar-free household, my mom gave us the option to eat at a fast food restaurant. We jumped on the opportunity because we were kids, but little did we know that this was really a secret, stealth experiment that my mom was performing. I remember taking one bite of a French fry, and exclaiming in disgust, “THIS IS NOT HOW I REMEMBER THEM TASTING”.

They tasted like deep fried, salty plastic.

My dad explained that the reason for this is because our taste-buds are like knives, and the sugar in our foods dulls them down so that when there’s a lot of sugar in our diet and we eat food without sugar, we don’t like it. So since we had been eating foods that contained no refined sugar, our taste buds were sharp, and could taste all the bad stuff that was in the fast food that day.

An article titled “The Link Between Sugar and Cancer” published by Wellness Mama says, “In all our history, we’ve never been sicker. Cases of diabetes, heart disease, obesity (and childhood obesity), neurological disorders, behavioral disorders, autoimmune diseases, and cancer are out of control.”

Our horrible health is spiraling out of control, and we need to begin to take preventative measures against these diseases, even if we are showing no signs of them yet. Cancer is beginning to affect everyone, even if you don’t have it, chances are you know someone who does.

We must cut out all of the crap that we are continuously shoveling into our mouths! Let’s get back to the natural stuff. Maple, agave, honey… All of these are just as easy to get at the grocery store as a bag of sugar, yet so many are still reaching for it.

The change starts with a small purchase of a better option, and it starts today.


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