Beauty and Hygiene Products: The Quest For A Toxic Chemical-Free Life Continues

The very first step on my quest for a life consisting of all things natural and organic started with what happens on the outside of your body rather than the inside. While most who embark on the journey begin with the food they are eating, my focus was on hygiene and products for your skin.

I began by eliminating all of the toxic-chemical-laden skincare products that were ultimately hurting the quality and integrity of my skin, and potentially causing serious damage to my body without my realization. The washes, astringents, creams, ointments, and scrubs had begun to take a toll on my poor face, and my skin was not reacting well.

There are thousands of carcinogenic chemicals, filling our hygiene and beauty products that we women use every day. There is almost no regulation on the chemicals that are poured into our products, and they are putting us at risk for disease, and affecting our hormone production because many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors and act like estrogen when they interact with your body.

Chemically caused endocrine disruption causes a whole slew of different problems, ranging from acne to infertility. Our bodies have thousands of ways of using the hormones in our bodies, so you can imagine the confusion your body feels when it is infiltrated by an estrogen impersonating chemical! There could be any number of adverse effects.
Something had to be done, a major change had to be implemented in my life in order to turn things around.

For my skincare regimen I switched to all things unprocessed, and natural, and found better results than I ever could have imagined in the old-days of confusion and experimentation with skincare products. Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and essential oils have become my go-to for everything that goes onto my skin… Except makeup.
This is where I froze up, and continued to use the regular, chemical filled, drug store brands, which was extremely counterproductive, I know.

I feel particularly frustrated with the drug-store options because they never offer a list of ingredients, and when they do it’s pointless to try to read unless you have a PHD in Chemical-Filled Label-Interpretation. When reading the ingredients lists on the products that offer them, they are written in literally another language. My quest had come to a screeching halt.

That is, until a friend wrote me on social media. Ashley works for a company called Younique, and, knowing that I have been on a search for these types of things, wrote me on social media explaining her products. She is a great friend of mine, whom I have known a long time and who’s opinion I trust, so I began to do some research of my own.
Younique is gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, talc free, hypoallergenic, paraben free, carcinogen free, and free of harmful chemicals. Even more awesome, is that every purchase made from a Younique presenter helps empower sexually abused women, which is something that I’m sure anyone who wears makeup can get on board with.

If you are curious about the ingredients list, you can go online and see a list of what is used in each individual product, and what its used for. Way to make things simple for us who are feeling the drug-store frustration!
Best part of all, their products work. Plain and simple.

For more information, you can visit Ashley’s website at: